Our Services

Life Enrichment Program

Compassionate and therapeutic services.

At Progressions Rehabilitation, it’s about living life. Not living out life. With therapy, we hope for personal growth. With hope and encouragement, we challenge individuals with more therapy. We stand with those we support throughout the journey of reaching their life goals. Together. Progressions Rehabilitation focuses on each individual’s strengths and moves forward. What sets it apart is the dynamic Life Enrichment Program that focuses on each person’s growth and mental well-being. We inspire higher levels of functioning that increase quality of life and self-worth. Some of our enrichment services include:


Our Homes

Beauty and Privacy

No one wants to live in a “group home”, and Progressions Rehabilitation doesn’t look like one. Designed with the same amenities you would find in luxury homes, each location is built to accommodate barrier-free lifestyles. But you’d hardly notice. No one shares a bedroom. There are plenty of places and spaces to get away and decompress when stressors are at their peak. As individuals move closer to reaching their life goals, they move into increasingly independent homes, all with the comfort and safety of home.

Achieve the best outcomes possible at Progressions Rehabilitation.

Achieve the best outcomes possible at Progressions Rehabilitation.