About Us

The Ultimate Goal

Who are we?

One of the first questions at Progressions Rehabilitation is “What is the ultimate goal?” In many cases, it’s a comprehensive discharge plan to reach the next level of personal growth. We offer all levels of residential rehabilitation that provides the right amount of support each individual needs and deserves. Whether it is residential group living, transitional living or supportive living, the people we support have access to the highest standard of care to help them along the journey of reaching their life goals. 

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Our Core Values

Exhaustive services with a personal touch.

Life enrichment is a core value at Progressions Rehabilitation. Everything we do works toward the common goal of improving the lives of people with Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries. Not just physically. But mentally, socially and spiritually. That’s because every service begins with a question: “How will this better the person’s life?” We get better outcomes by working toward common goals, which start with a mutual agreement between the treatment team and the person served. Everything is done together. If something doesn’t work, we’ll try something different until it does. At Progressions Rehabilitation, we never give up.

Achieve the best outcomes possible at Progressions Rehabilitation.

Achieve the best outcomes possible at Progressions Rehabilitation.